FES Book Checkout Policy

Number of Books Checked out Each Week:

Kindergarten: Checks out one book the first visit each week

1st: 2 Books

2nd: 2 Books

3rd: 2 Books

4th: 2 Books

5th: 2 Books

Books Not Returned:

When a student does not return a book, they will not check out a new book in its place. Students will be able to check out a second book if they return one book the first two weeks a book is missing. The third week a book is missing, the student will not be able to check out any new books and an overdue notice will be given to the teacher or student. Once the student returns the book, checkout will return to normal. If a book is lost or missing, students have three options; they can find the book and return it, pay for the book so we can replace it, or they can bring me in a new copy of the book that is not damaged. A receipt will be sent home with the child if you have paid for the book.

Damaged Books:

A damaged book may be any of the following issues:

  1. Colored in

  2. Ripped pages

  3. Bent pages

  4. Damaged spine

  5. Damaged cover

  6. Water or other foods on book

  7. Damage from a pet

  8. Other issues

If damage occurs to a book, they child will be asked to pay for the book so that a new copy of the book can be placed in the library for other students to continue to enjoy. If your child damages a book they will not be allowed to get new books until you have paid for or replaced the book with an undamaged copy. (Note in older books, damage that causes books to be uncirculated, will mean the book needs to be paid for or replaced. If the condition of the book was poor, you may be given a discounted rate to pay for the replacement)