Technology Class

Welcome to the FES Tech webpage!

FES Tech ClassAt Farmington Elementary, we strive to enhance student learning through the use of a variety of technologies.  We are lucky enough to be supported by our district to have 1 to 1 iPads for our students.

Technology Class meets once a week for Grades 1-5 and twice a week for Kindergarten. Through hands-on activities, explorations, group projects and investigations, students are developing the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication.

Students are encouraged to think for themselves and problem solve in a variety of settings and activities. Throughout the year, students will be working on iPads and computers, they will also have access to Smartboards, a 3D Printer and programmable Spheros. Students will be learning coding, keyboarding skills, research skills, and presentation tools. Students will also develop innovative problem solving skills through exploring STEM related activities.